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The legislature therefore declares it is necessary to: (a) create and maintain a uniform regulatory climate that assures players, owners, tourists, citizens, and others that the gambling industry in this state is fair and is not influenced by corrupt persons, organizations, or practices; (b) protect legal public gambling activities from unscrupulous players and vendors and (c) protect the public from unscrupulous proprietors and operators of gambling (d) protect the state and local governments from those who would conduct illegal gambling activities that deprive those governments of their tax revenues; (e) protect the health, safety, and welfare of all citizens of this state, including those who do not gamble, by regulating gambling activities; and (f) promote programs necessary to provide assistance to those who are adversely affected by legalized gambling, including compulsive gamblers and their families (casino). There are good reasons to oppose the spread of commercial gaming in no communities and states, just as there are good reasons to favor such policies:

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