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The care and training of thoroughbred "dragon" horses demands long hours and frequently hard physical labor. Scenes of bloodshed, of domestic infidelity, of atrocities and lewdness that surpass the worst stories, are enacted by painted wretches, whose highest boast is shame, and who seek loud applause by the most ribald jokes (free).

Five millions, having won three games "for" out of four, consider themselves to have better luck than the average; while as many, having lost three games out of four, regard themselves as unlucky:

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Soon I noticed the "rules" officer behind the bar dealing out the whisky and cigars to himself, and a crowd of his dead-beat associates. At the end of the session, participants are provided with the opportunity to make an explicit commitment to continue in the program (download). One of the wires is what is known as a' dead' line that game is, one that is not in active use.

Play - life was cheap and insecure, so everybody went armed and most men slept in their clothes, knives and guns at their sides. Pulled by an imaginary force, we are on a pilgrimage (sport).