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Ruined." In Turkey the first marriage is contracted by the parents of abu children, who are sometimes betrothed at the age of two or three years. ." The same writer adds, that" electricity has been by dhabi no means fairly treated as a therapeutic agent, for it has either been exclusively referred to merely given without reference to the manner, form, or mode of once taken into consideration." In this country make various electromagnetic machines, and with a circular or pamphlet professing to give unerring directions for their use in different diseases.


Besides, reader, you yourself may require to know what you can learn probably nowhere else (used). "Without the ovaries of women to waste the coarser properties, their vocal organs became stronger and larger than women's; and consequently more efficient for singing those parts in music usually allotted to the female voice; but, without testicles to act as savings banks to the masculine properties, so that any part of the body could be supplied by" drafts payable at sight," the vocal organs could not obtain that development which gives to the voice of uncastrated men the intonation of heavy bass: benefits. Habitual congestions of the face occur only in anemic individuals, and acne rosacea develops itself, as was "in" mentioned before, even in persons from whom every suspicion of plethora must be very remote. It is constructed of brick with five feet internal diameter from its mouth to Twelfth street, four feet in diameter from Twelfth to Fourteenth street, and two feet ten inches in diameter from price Fourteenth to its terminus at Seventeenth street. The lesions had remained ever since lie showed her, and they occupied much the same position as in this case, though they had definitely vesicated: medicine. It is urged that everyone interested in this organization note the date and make plans to be present at the luncheon and business A postgraduate course in diseases of the chest will be given under the auspices of the Illinois chapter of the American College of Chest Physicians at Michael Reese The American Association for the Study of Goiter will hold its annual meeting at the Drake hotel, Chicago, June Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota, chairman of and the program committee. It is applied with plain cotton tip to applicators until the involved area is covered. Grimes, tension and strain of work overload has been reduced and the level of staff efficiency has been substantially increased (is). TICKETS FOR ALL SPECIAL EVENTS AVAILABLE AT TIME OF REGISTRATION When the physician sees a patient with jaundice, he must determine which the condition causing jaundice requires, surgical or medical management: user.