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The animal should have done for dose him what he cannot do for himself. "We must add, as regards the particular case in question, that it may be fairly questioned, from a professional point of view, whether it is right that a surgeon or physician should continue for a year or two buy in constant attendance upon a patient (without receiving or claiming his fees), unless there is a distinct understanding as to the payment of the fees. The demand for intrathecal homoeopathic practitioners was gradually increasing; and further medical assistance was much wanted in the hospital. Groat to the Bacteriological Department for mg examination. In another woman, 10 whose labour la.sted ten days, it is stated that she had peritoneal inflammation, in conjunction with the effect of shock. The book is profusely illustrated, and should be useful to those who desire general rather than particular information on the subjects treated: lioresal. And the profession in turn in every prospect county should enlighten the public through the various civic organizations and by any other legitimate means of the dangers of Governmental control of medicine.

If the opacity is small effects and occupies a position corresponding to the pupillary center, an iridectomy will suffice to restore vision, provided there is no disease of the inner tunics.


Three We had an interesting example of the benefit of shortening the hours of labor in Hamilton (side).

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Let me cite briefly a few illustrative cases, selected from many and very similar observations: The case of a man in the Pennsylvania Hospital in January of this year, who had, immediately under the left clavicle, crackling, prolonged expiration, some dullness; in the second interspace, two inches from the left of the sternum, cracked-pot sound, bronchophony, approaching to pectoriloquy, respiratory sounds obscured by heart sounds: kadar.

, It is well known, however, that in all hut the mildest cases, the adolescent subject of.scarlatina, or measles, is usuallv more or less debilitated or devitalized, when convalescence is tablets established.