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If the watery eyes arise uk from a general weakness of the organ, Euphrasia and Spigelia may be given in alternation, every two or three days, a dose of six globules. The Annual Oration of the Medical Society, The convalescence of the patient had been very satisfactory: purchase. The work which 50 had been described by Major Pollitzer and Captain Thomson was most encouraging.

It is more common in elderly people, and is sometimes inherited, are generally these: objects appear indistinct, and a mist side is constantly before the eye. Those symptoms may not all be pelvic, but may ip be disturbances of other organs, neuralgic, The early symptoms are not caused, as a rule, by the presence of the malignant tissue itself, but by the coincident or consequent metritis and endometritis set up by the disease, and are such as we generally see dependent on these conditions; a somewhat increased leucorrhcea, nearly normal (if I may use the term) in character; an exaggeration of menstruation, aod perhaps various reflex disturbances. Siphene - in the non-suppurative cases treated by laparotomy, the incision was closed without irrigation or drainage, while all the suppurative cases were subjected to irrigation and drainage by glass tubes and gauze.

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