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BLANTON, MS, Atlanta, Georgia; tab and GEORGE A. The health officer, medical sanitary inspector, and chemist inspector effects of dairy-products receive, respectively, three thousand, fifteen hundred, and twelve hundred dollars per annum.


Otc - gunshot wounds have not unfrequently been followed by secondary hemorrhage. The orifice of the urethra was tablets grazed as the grape entered the scrotum, but the peringeal portion of the urethra escaped injury. In fact, the more the patient can be convinced that there is nothing wrong with his stomach, and that it should be left alone, and as far as possible forgotten or ignored, the for further he will be towards recovery. ARE FEWER MEDICAL STUDENTS WORKING? It appears that fewer medical students were employed students were earning part of their medical school costs of forty-four schools "buy" conducted by the National Opinion MEDICAL LABORATORY SURVEY IN MINNESOTA Current considerations in medical laboratory work in Minnesota are for the development of a program in evaluation of chemistry procedures and technical consultation. Haemorrhage from the rectum in a child usually indicates polypus, and gain it often means the same in an adult, though it will of tener indicate haemorrhoids. A few drachms of the dry acid are placed in an ordinary paper pill-box, order in the cover of which small pinholes are made. Proctotomy does the same, and in almost direct proportion as the operations of proctotomy and ot partial and complete excision of strictures have become popularized and their advantages have become manifest, the operation of colotomy has been limited and the natural objections to it on the uses part of both surgeon and patient have been allowed more weight CANCBR.-Cancer of the rectum, like the disease elsewhere in the body, generally occurs in middle life or old about equally frequent m males and females. In some excessively severe cases the legs of horses have been syrup kni)wu to remain cold ever after during life. Watkins made the following comment on the selection of is doing very good "the" work. The draughtsman relieves the district inspectors of the labour of making precise drawings of conveniences, ashpits, or any structure which the department wishes built or 4mg altered. Size of almonds; the nodes in the hilus of the lungs were swollen with scattered fibrous tubercles and there were caseous ligne nodes in the mesentery.